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Grappa in Irpinia

Twenty years of steady growth

Carpenito's Distillery was born in 1998 when Mr. Mario Carpenito starts his activity in wine growing mixed cultures in order to produce distilling process and grappa production. The distillation plant is located in Tufo (Av). Thanks to its agricultural and wine business is known as the "Town of DOCG Greco di Tufo wine".

Greco, Fiano, Aglianico, Falanghina

The DOC e DOCG in Irpinia

The activity is a made by hand and is part of the weaving factory system aiming at increase wine and food resources in the regional area. So, Carpenito Distillery represents the first initiative in Partenio area aiming at the working of valuable fresh marc exclusively produced in the areas of DOCG Greco, Fiano, Aglianico and Falanghina. By this working excellent single-varietal grappa are obtained, all characterized by the typical aroma and flavor of the fine grapes used.

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We work on excellent grapes and produce single variety grappa


Timeless informations

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What is grappa

6th December

The name "grape marc" or "grape marc spirit" may be replaced by the designation "grappa" solely for the spirit drink produced in Italy.

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Tufo town

18th October

Tufa caves and sulfur mines: volcanic rocks that are present in the whole underground of the town of Tufo, the real richness of this peace of land in Irpinia.

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Drink or Taste

17th February

The glass, the nose, the palate, the finish...

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We believe in craftsmanship

April, 2010

On april 2010, the magazine I Grandi Vini published